Cartea tea somelie

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- The first recipe book by Betjeman and Barton, blending tea and high gastronomy -

« 121 grammes de bonheur et de thé », which means „121 grams of happiness and tea”, it’s 100 grams of tea and 21 grams of happiness. According to certain physicians and poets, 21 grams is the weight of human soul. It’s also the weight of this recipes collection in which 12 Chefs give a real ceremony to the tea in their recipes as inspiring as delicious. An invitation to a journey which will awaken your souls!

This book is composed of 12 recipes of high gastronomy going from salty to sweet. Starters, dishes and desserts, each creation has been signed by 12 Michelin-starred chefs. Each Chef has chosen a tea that inspires them. The steps of the recipes are described very carefully to help the reader in the realisation of the dish while the perfection of the photos whets the appetite.

Page after page, we discover the soufflé with Oolong tea by the chef Yannick Alléno, the langoustine of Guilvinec by Stéphanie Lequellec, which gives that little something extra to Matcha tea. As for the chef Eric Frechon, he gives pride of place to the Tisane des Princes herbal tea with a Challans roasted duck.

Authors : Agnès Defontaine & Pierre Rival
Size : 20x20cm
64 pages


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