Brume de Yuzu – Loose tea

900.00 MDL

Art 2987

case of 50g

Brand: Dammann


Typical Japanese citrus fruit, the yuzu is renowned for its aromatic power. Its peel is reduced in powder and then intimately combined with tea, covering and imbuing the sencha needles of its fruity flavor to offer a subtly scented and higly fresh cup.

The powders used to coat our “Brumes de Sencha” contain exclusively noble ingredients cultivated from Japan, and typical of his agriculture (Yuzu peel, Matcha tea, Ginger).
The manufacture of these sencha mists is handcrafted by a Japanese tea master from the Kyoto region. Three creations that combine and emphasise the herbaceous freshness of Sencha tea, either with the powerful and vegetal aroma of matcha tea, or with the deliciously spicy taste of ginger, or even with the fruity notes of yuzu.
The plus of these products: fresh, delicate and rare teas, representative of the Japanese know-how in the manufacture of teas. Teas that will appeal to tea lovers of Japan.

Dominant note : Citrus fruits

Type(s) of tea : Green tea

Main flavor : Yuzu

Allergène(s) : Product may contain incidental traces of nuts and peanuts


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