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In a collection that invites tea lovers to savour the flavors and aromas of the world, the LOINTAINS tea box contains a tea brewer, three flavored teas and an infusion of delicious floral and fruity flavors.
315 – Bali: green tea, jasmine green tea, flower petals, flavors (lychee, grapefruit, bush peach) and rose essential oil, 30 g
13 – Jasmin Chung Hao: green tea and jasmine flowers, 30 g
20 – Passion de Fleurs: white tea, flower petals, flavors (apricot, passion fruit) and rose essential oil, 15 g
405 – Carcadet Provence: hibiscus flowers, rosehip peel, apple bits, orange peel, flavors (apricot and peach), flower petals, 50 g

Net weight: 125 g / 4,40 oz
L/H/P: 27,5/7/7,7 cm


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